Will you live to 100?
Quiz taken from article in New Age Magazine, January/February 2000. Article: "Will You Live To Be 100?" by Thomas T. Perls, M.D., and Marjery Hutter Silver, ED.D. Taken from "Living to 100: Lessons in Living to Your Maximum Potential at Any Age." Copyright 1999, Basic Books.

Will You Live To 100?
The average person is born with strong enough longevity genes to live to age 85 and maybe longer. People who take appropriate preventative steps may add as many as ten quality years to that. People who fail to heed the messages of preventive medicine may subtract a number of years from their lives.

NOTE: This is for fun and should not be taken as any type of medical diagnosis. Please make sure to answer every question.

Event Answer
Do you smoke or chew tobacco, or are you around a lot of secondhand smoke? Yes No
Do you eat more than a couple of hot dogs or slices of bacon or bologna a week? Yes No
Do you stay away from processed meats? Yes No
Do you cook your fish, poultry or meat until it is charred? Yes No
Do you minimize the amount of meat in your diet? Yes No
Do you use butter or cream regularly? Do you eat cheese or fried foods regularly? Yes No
Do you stay away from butter, cream and other saturated fats as well as fried foods? Yes No
Do you drink wine and liquor in excess? Yes No
Do you drink a glass of red wine daily? Yes No
Do air-pollution warnings occur where you live? Yes No
Do you drink more than 16 ounces of coffee a day? Yes No
Do you take an asprin a day? Yes No
Do you floss and brush your teeth every day? Yes No
Do you have a bowel movement less often than once every two days? Yes No
Do you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and bran every day, preferably in place of foods that are bad for you? Yes No
Do you engage in risky sexual or drug-related behavior that increases your odds of getting HIV or a cancer-related virus? Yes No
Do you try to get a suntan? Yes No
Do you avoid the sun and use sun block? Yes No
Are there dangerous levels of radon in your house? Yes No
Have you found no detectable radon in your house? Yes No
Are you obese? Yes No
Are you lean? Yes No
Do you live too far away from family members for visits to be spontaneous? Yes No
Do you live near enough to family members that you can drop by spontaneously? Yes No
Does stress bother you to the extent that you can't seem to shake it off? Yes No
Can you shed stress? This might be praying, sports, meditation, being able to respond to humor or by other means. Yes No
Does more than one member of your immediate family have diabetes? Yes No
Is there diabetes in your family? Yes No
Were both your parents dead or very frail by their seventies? Yes No
Have any relatives (parents, aunts/uncles, siblings, grandparents) reached at least ninety in excellent health? Yes No
Are you a couch potato (no regular aerobic or resistance exercise)? Yes No
Do you exercise 20 minutes a day or more? Yes No
Do you take a vitamin E (800 IU/day) and selenium (200mcg) daily? Yes No

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